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MattaCode Studio


Below is a little bit about myself who is in charge of MattaCode Studio and services we offer with my past experience and Employment history along with some of the work done in Game Development. 

With a wide network of other developers lots of work can be carried out if necessary 

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I have around 5 years working in Unreal Engine 4 and 5. I work in both C++ and Blueprints including multiplayer games while taking charge in implementing core features of the game and overlooking other developers in my last job role.


My last job role was part of a AAA game where I overlooked new junior developers who were joining the team and showed them around the large project and helped them when needed. I was the main point of contact for the animation and sound team to talk about updates and changes needed with the new animations or sounds that needed to be implemented.


I was regularly in charge of a new core feature and was left to it.


Before the long contract in the AAA studio I have released several projects and have a portfolio to show them. I always continue to push my knowledge in UE5 and have releases in mobile on Android and IOS along with Windows. I am also in the process of completing a VR/AR training tool.



With extensive background experience and achievements in other job roles such as a professional skydiving coach, setting up businesses and organising different world class events, I will be able to use the different skill sets I have learned to implement new ideas and run teams. With this background experience this enables me to have good communication skills, organised, good at keeping documentation where needed and very good at time management and meeting deadlines while working with many others or leading a team. I thrive to learn new things and have passion in anything I do


Around 5 years experience in Unreal Engine. 
All round generalist and experienced in implementing core mechanics. 
Multiplayer C++ and Blueprints 
Fast at doing prototypes. 
Experience in released titles from scratch. 
Experienced in working in large and small teams. 1.5 years experience working on AAA title with a large team.
Experienced in bug fixing and template migrations. 
Lead small teams. 
All platforms
UK time zone.


I know how to use Unreal Engine 4 and 5 – Blueprints and C++ for multiplayer games using source control. 

Ability to work under pressure

Problem Solving

Time Management

Ability to work in a team

Ability to manage teams

Creativity Adaptability


Committed and dedicated


Skydiving – Professional level, represented GB

Chess – Played several times for the chess team Northampton Town.

Skiing – Tend to go yearly for a holiday

Wake Boarding – Like to wake board on both boat and cable.

Rock Climbing – Have done climbing indoor and outdoors with prefixed and custom holds.

Shooting – Air rifle shooting.

Kite surfing – When I get the chance at the sea side I try to Kite surf

Game Development – Always have been interested in making games and now I have the time to dedicate to this.

Golf – Have played golf over the years just for fun.

          Past projects in Game Development

Golden Tides - AAA

This project is a large scale game AAA level.

I was one of the first developers on the game when there was only 3 others. I worked on this project for over 18 months and the game ended up having around 14 Developers all working at once. I helped overlook the new developers as they joined and I worked on core features  and game design throughout my time there. 

Game features in all areas including animation layered graphs , abilities systems, inventory, UI, AI, ship handling and balancing of the characters abilities. Main logic handled in CPP and implementation in BP ready for ease for game designers for balancing where needed. 

The game is a dedicated online multiplayer game which should hold up to 100 people battling at once. The game allowed for many different hero's and abilities using GAS which we modified core logic too and the game allowed for ships to be sailed using physics. 

We used perforce as our main source control. 

SYFA Earthfall

This project was a freelance job to make a demo for a larger scaled project which will be put out for funding.
I was the sole developer and in this game it includes:
Main character - flying, shooting and melee attacks
AI - 3 different types, melee, shooter and flying mages
Pick ups,
mission objectives
Navigation system
Special weapons
This project included migrating many different animations and weapon systems to be able to make the character do everything whilst on the ground or flying.

Bug Fixing

I can help bug fix and migrate two projects.

I can explain or show how I have done it also if you wanted to learn.

I can do multiplayer CPP ensuring best practice that ensures the server only is calling important functions and updates to gameplay.

Dynamic Flying Compulsories

This was a project I worked on by myself.

It involved lots of engineering due to the player being able to choose which patterns are played back to back with many variations. All animations are played whilst moving along a spline with inputs determining the characters position.

Speed and camera angles and layout along with many other things can be modified during gameplay to give the player maximum control and learning capabilities.

FS Formation Skydiving

This was a project I worked on by myself.

It involved lots of engineering due to the player being able to choose a variety or formations which also has the possibility for a flyer to change positions meaning all future formations the flyer has to change where they go.  With each formation with a unique location and rotation input and with block moves which causes 2 or more flyers to be linked there is a lot going on inside the app.

Speed and camera angles and category selections dependant on skill level along with many other things can be modified during gameplay to give the player maximum control and learning capabilities.

Space Cruise

I created this project by myself and integrated adverts.

This game is an endless runner type game but in horizontal and vertical movement system.

I created 15 levels which changes speed of movement and the amount of AI or obstacles spawned as the level increases.

This game has a small tutorial and saves the highest score.

Building Escape

This was a game jam lasting 3 days. 

Task for 1 room with 1 door to escape from.

I developed a building that is caught on fire and increases in size as time goes on. With small task like puzzles the aim is to escape the building.

Mission Stop-O-Bot

This game was created to have Multiple different types of AI involved in the gameplay along with cinematics during gameplay.
AI with melee attack, shooting, flying AI, hostages that follow and even fellow shooter friendly AI to help you.
This game includes cinematics throughout the game also.

Speed Mission

Speed mission was created using another persons template and adjusting the code currently used. This is an endless style game with 3 different types all in one. Standard horizontal running/ dodging into vertical/ dodging and shooting targets with continuous movement.

Robot Control

This was one of the first games to be made with a small game intro and 3 tasks to complete whilst Robot AI are doing their best to stop you.

Trailer Demo - Animation sequencer

This is a short animation clip using the tools of Unreal Engine 4.

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