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MattaCode Studio

Employment History

Game Developer 2020 - present

After learning all the required skills needed for game developing in Unreal Engine I decided to make my own apps which have been released on both IOS and Android and have sold world wide. 

I was working freelance taking on many projects ranging in size from bug fixing for a couple of hours to helping a project for a month to succeed. 

I then landed a big contract with psychedelic studios for the past 18 Months (2022 - 2024) working on a large dedicated server multiplayer game with a team of 14 other developers called Golden Tides.

I started the Golden Tides project as a mid engineer and gradually grew and became a more senior role being responsible for core features and helping and leading other developers.

Competitions Meet Director 2015 – present

With travelling around the world working in different countries organising these events has given me the ability to adapt to my work colleges and my surroundings with high time management demands

I organise international indoor skydiving competitions around the world. These competitions hold up to 300 competitors competing and with a team of up to 70 people to run the competition. I organise each department for the running of the competition and make sure everything connects and each department are working in time with each other which consistently over two days including ‘ live stream, commentators, judges, and competitors. I have also created a new discipline for the indoor skydiving world which they now use as the official competition rules for indoor skydiving first class events.

Skydiving Coach 2007 - 2022

Many years of Skydiving at a professional level and organising many people skydiving has given me the ability to calculate risk and take on a lot of responsibility.

I am a professional skydiver who coached advanced teams or individuals to improve their skydiving ability's such as flips flying different position or fly faster. I represented Great Britain and achieved winning the World Cup in skydiving in the discipline Freefly.

I also won the indoor skydiving world competition in freefly for 3 years in a row. I have achieved a world record for the largest Head down formations and organised the European record along with the UK records. I have won the UK Nationals numerous times in skydiving in 3 separate disciplines.

Operations Director at large leisure and sports centre 2018 - 2020

Doing this job has given me the understanding and ability of how to manage staff and run meetings with basic instructors, managers, and Directors.

I was a director of Twinwoods Adventure indoor leisure centre which included activities such as indoor skydiving, indoor surfing, indoor climbing, shooting, archery, a restaurant and playhouse, along with a gym and spa. I was responsible for managing staff in all departments and running regular meetings. Some of my responsibilities were health and safety, HR, day to day operation, rotas, and financial decisions including budgeting and organising big events.


Entrepreneurial skills 2014 – 2022

Below are some examples which has given me experience and skill sets in many different areas which help me think outside the box when doing a task.

I have created several businesses throughout the years. I have started an indoor climbing wall business.

A year later I set up an indoor shooting and Archery business.

I have created a Halotherapy treatment Salt Cave business.

I have designed and built two indoor escape rooms. I

have run and organised an event called ‘Terror Trail’ for Halloween where customers walk through a maze-like environment where live actors jump out and scaring customers.

I have created a new discipline in indoor skydiving which is now used worldwide at official, international competitions.

I have developed judging courses for indoor skydiving and have run several classes in person and remotely.

Am a business partner in running an Eco friendly business.

Started a journey to develop computer games on all different platforms.


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