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MattaCode Studio


Below are some of the games I have developed.

Golden Tides - AAA Game

This game is an online multiplayer game with many different hero's and abilities which are in teams and you can sail around a massive open world retrieving treasure with AI and other teams around to stop you.

This project is a dedicated server aiming to have up to 100 players playing at once. 
A shop  with a variety of skin changes to be purchased.

This game is at its final stages for BETA release and testing to be released. 

Watch promo video here

SYFA Earthfall

This game is based on an alien species taking over the Earth and it is your job to stop them. Gathering their technology along the way and using it against them. 

You have a suit which intergrates their technology such as flying, energy shield, and special weapons.

This is a third person open world game with options of using swords guns, ultimate weapons all whilst being able to fly at high speed through these open worlds. 

This project is a demo for a larger project which requires funding.

Watch Demo of Gameplay HERE

Dynamic Flying Compulsory

Dynamic Flying is an indoor Skydiving Sport Discipline.


It involves flying different patterns and crossing certain line and this App will demonstrate any combination and you can view it from all camera angle and even control a flying camera to your desired view.

This app gives you the option to move the door position to match your desired tunnel layout.

You can change each fliers suit colour and choose to watch the patterns with 1,2 or 4 fliers.

This has a draw generator available which will display a random draw of patterns up to 20 different ones in one go.

Official FAI Rules link is available and will take you to the website of the official rules.

Get it on google play
Download on the app store

Mission Stop-O-Bot

Mission Stop-O-Bot is a third person shooter game with a couple of missions.

Save hostages and collect 5 intel documents.
This has Robots which fight , shoot and fly which will try to stop you.

Can you complete the mission?

Download and play here:

Demo Video:

Space Cruise

Space Cruise is a mobile game where you fly through space avoiding asteroids while fighting off the enemy.

With recharging your shield and having to battle enemy mother ships, this game is tactical and challenging.

This game features continuous forward movement whilst dodging the asteroids. 
The further you get the faster you'll go and more asteroids will appear along with more enemy spaceships.

You have a shield which you can regenerate from absorbing the blue asteroids that randomly appear.

As the enemy space ships shoot you your shield level drops.

Only the asteroids can destroy you with no shield.

Can you make it on the journey and destroy the 2 motherships?

FS Formation Skydiving

Formation Skydiving is a set of formations skydivers need to perform during competitions.


This app provides you with :

Choose manually which formation draw you would like or choose a random draw.
Change the category from AAA to Rookie to see what points are included in competition
You can view from any angle whilst they fly the formations.
Change the speed in which they fly.
Random draw generator
Change the flyers suit colour to see more clearly who is in what position.

Watch Demo Here

Building Escape

Building Escape was a game created over 3 days for a game Jam.

The theme was an escape room with only 1 door.

You are on a building site and a explosion has happened.

You are trapped and need to find a way out.

Can you solve the problems in front of you to escape in time.

Be quick ...the fire is continuing to grow. Its only a matter of time before it cuts off the only way out. 

Robot Control

Robot Control is a Third person shooter came.

A scientist has managed to create robots under his control and we need to stop him ASAP.

Your mission -

  • Collect the computer to stop future Robots being created.

  • Kill the scientist

  • Then rescue the civilians.

Are you up for the task?

Speed Mission

Speed mission is an endless runner type game.

Speed increases and switches between different game modes such as diving down waterfall, running jumping and sliding and into shooting targets whilst on the move.

Collect bullets to increase your score ready for when the targets arrive.

What score can you get?

Video demo -

Trailer Animation

Here is a short animation demo I put together to show trailer for a game back in 2020.

I can create the scene, characters and animate the story line you want.

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