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MattaCode Studio

Available for hire

We can work with you to create any type of game for you on mobile, PC, VR and even AR. I can also help with bug fixing in general on existing project. 
In Unreal Engine I am experienced in CPP and blueprints and and can do multiplayer games. 


Please feel free to ask me any questions and we'll be happy to help.

Developed Games

2 years experience working on AAA mulitplayer game making core mechanics

Golden Tides - AAA


Melee, weapons and super weapons whilst flying and saving hte planet from aliens!

SYFA Earthfall


A World wide used app for a training tool to help teams understand competition rules

Dynamic Flying Compulsory

Training app

Hard Working, committed and creative.

Scalable multiplayer efficient code.

With clean and simplified code, you can ensure bug free and easily expandable work

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